In this tutorial we will be learning how to host your own website on dark web. All you need is the tor client to access the site and tor server to host the site. We will be learning how to make a tor server and host the site on tor network.

First we will understand how the tor network is different from the normal web.

When we open a normal website, a request is sent from your browser to the gateway router and the request is then passed to the ISP (Internet Service Provider). Here the ISP look up the site you requested and pass you the content you have requested. In Short all the request you are sending are viewed by your ISP unless you are using a secure VPN (Virtual Private Network) but still somehow you can be tracked.

Now Let’s understand how the tor network works. When you request a page the tor browser send an encrypted request from your machine to the server provided by tor and the request is then encrypted and send to other lists of server , In short a single request is encrypted each time it is transferred from one server to another and same is the process that happen when the response is received from the server.

Now let’s move to the point , how to make a tor network and host a site on it.Currently We are using Linux so the commands on this tutorial will be for Linux OS only.

You will need to download the Tor  Browser to access site you are hosting.

Hosting a dark web

Now let’s start installing the tor network and it’s services.

You will need the following things to be installed

  1. Apache Server
  2. MySql
  3. Tor Service

To install the apache and mysql you can read this tutorial. If you are using Kali Linux then these two are preinstalled in the OS.

Now Let’s install tor. To install tor you need to run

sudo apt-get install tor

Once you have run this command you will see tor being installed. Once installed run the ” whereis tor ” command to see where the tor is installed.

Now let’s configure tor. You need to move to /etc/tor/ directory and uncomment the

HiddenServiceDir /var/lib/tor/hidden_service/
HiddenServicePort 80

You can use vi / nano / Text Editor to edit it. After saving it run the “ tor ” command in the terminal. It will make a hidden_service folder in /var/lib/tor/ directory.

In the Directory you will see the hostname and few other files. You can get the content of hostname using cat command.

cat hostname

It will print the .onion URL in the terminal like afdjoyfe3agz6swmytcpckj7wwkapkl5fdk3xhn3kjt57co33fvim7id.onion

Now Let’s start the apache server and tor to access this url via tor. To start the apache service you can run

systemctl start apache2.serviceon Ubuntu and service apache2 start

On Kali Linux. It will start the apache server and any file placed on the server will be accessed on the above onion url in the tor browser. Now let’s start the tor, to start it simply run the command torin the terminal. It will make the secure connection to tor network and will make your file accessible on the Dark Web.


Owner of the Website The Security Geeks takes no responsibility for any act of the reader. All the information is solely provided for the Learning purpose. Anyone using it will be using on their own risk.

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