In this blog we will be discussing about how to become a hacker. Firstly We need to understand who a hacker is and what does a hacker do. For this blog we are referring to computer hackers.

The word hacker means someone who is smart enough to solve a problem in less time then others. In computer it was referred to some expert computer individuals who have huge knowledge of programming and computer. But now these days hackers are referred to people who gain unauthorized access to someone’s data.

Not all hackers are bad. There are few good hackers as well and they save you from those bad hackers. Below we will be discussing the types of Hackers and what do they do?

Types of Hacker

There are three main type of hackers those are:

  1. Black hat hackers
  2. White hat hackers
  3. Grey Hat hackers

Black Hat Hacker

A black hat hacker is a hacker who find vulnerabilities in the system and then exploit those vulnerabilities for their own gain. They can do major damage to the exploited machine by deleting the data and modifying or destroying data. They do all these things for either their own gain or to take revenge etc but most of the cases they use the data for their own gain by blackmailing etc. These are Criminals and once they are caught they get punished by the law.

White hat hackers

Unlike Black hat hackers here comes the white hat hackers. These are good hackers and work against the black hat hackers. They are allowed and given access by the organizations to perform Security testing on their Machines , hack those machines , find vulnerabilities and then help in securing them. These are registered hackers and have learned all these skills by professionals and have gained the certificates. Most of the white hat hackers have done CEH a certification offered by EC-Council-.

There are some other certifications as well which include CISSP offered by ISC2 etc. You can get any of these certifications and the firms will hire you for securing them.

Grey hat hackers

These are hackers that neither black hat nor white hat but have some part of black hat and some part of white hat. They perform the security testing on the systems without the owner permission and find the vulnerabilities in the system and instead of exploiting them they report it to the owner. Sometimes they charge a small fee for fixing those issues and sometimes they fix them free of cost just get the popularity. But still they are considered as bad hackers in some regions because they have performed security testing without the owner permission and without his consent.

Now these are the types of hacker. It’s up to you which one you prefer. Most of the hackers uses Linux as their OS for hacking. Few of them included Kali Linux , Backtrack and Parrot OS etc. There is a huge list of it. I would suggest using Kali Linux as it has lot of tools are already installed in it. For installing Kali i would recommend you to go through this tutorial. Once you have installed the Kali Linux you can start hacking. There are many tools for start up and I would suggest you to start from the simple one. You should first try to hack Wifi as it is fun and will motivate you in future. to learn how to hack wifi you can refer to this tutorial. Once you have hacked the WiFi you will be able to use further tools.

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